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  • By Matthys 2020/11/19 In

    Online Weather App

    Online Weather App Details:Category:UtilityClient:University ProjectDevelopers:Matthys van RooyenMarius Smit Louis de vriesLive:Azure App ServiceFor this project, we created a backend Express server that fetches weather data from a weather API. Then,

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  • By Matthys 2020/07/07 In

    Website (WHOIS) Reporter

    Website (WHOIS) Reporter Details:Category:UtilityClient:Personal ProjectDevelopers:MatthysThis project is focused on developing a program that showcases the use of multiple external libraries to form a coherent project. Form the given ip the

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  • By Matthys 2020/07/02 In

    File Monitor

    File Monitor Details:Category:Linear ProgrammingClient:University Project (Adapted)Participants:MatthysThis project is focused on developing a program that monitors selected file directories. Some of the prominent features includes: • The monitoring of multiple locations,

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